Water leak detection is now commonly installed for most data centres, communication rooms and other information technology dependant structures. The assets within these building are critical and the early notification of possible disruption caused by leaking of water from HVAC, AC Units, water supply pipes, drainage or even ground water is essential.

Research which shows that for some companies, the consequences of a total data loss means that not only do 43% of companies never open again, but 29% of the companies that do recover will close within two years!

Despite the understandably significant resources spent on mitigating loss through fire, water damage actually poses a much greater threat to business continuity. Statistics show that the most likely cause of insurance claims in hotels, retail premises and commercial buildings is water damage, costing the UK insurance market in the region of £800 million.

The amount of data being produced is increasing enormously with the use of social networking, online shopping, mobile banking, and the growth in reliance of businesses in technology.

All of these resources require data and an ever-growing demand on data centres.

Application – Data Centre

  • Data Centres require constant cooling and rely heavily on water for cooling systems
  • Raised floors will hide the ingress of ground water from HVAC, AC Units. Early warning is essential. Linear detection can be provided to protect the under floor
  • Overhead pipework be it drainage or supply. Linear or point detection protects pipework or vulnerable joints

Application – Remote Telecomms Buildings

  • These buildings are unmanned 24/7
  • Only visited sporadically by engineering teams
  • Leak detection can protect fabric of the building from weather
  • It can also monitor water supplies into the building (burst pipes in winter or broken down sump pump for example)
  • Water Leak Detection systems can be integrated into third-party messaging equipment, providing instant notification of a leak

Application – Commercial Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • Includes hotels/hostels, student accommodation etc.
  • Often water is supplied by a mains riser spanning floors, joins in connecting pipework can fail
  • Vandalism can also be an issue
  • Water leak detection cables or floor probes can monitor for these types of events

Application – Libraries, Museums and Archives

  • Obvious financial and cultural risks to artworks/books/archives from water damage
  • Many are located within historic buildings which are prone to weather ingress and failing infrastructure.
  • Water leak detection systems are simple to install yet provide immediate notification of unwanted water

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