Most FRA submissions do not include reference to lighting or surge protection (mine do) however what is even more of a concern is the fact that the insurance industry does not appear to offer clients much advice on the what and the why for this type of bolt on to the electrical program, instead they either (1) assume the client has it all under control or (2) that the clients electrical partner will have included a surge coverage under BS 62305 within the electrical program.

In a time of almost complete electronic payments for most businesses, and the risk exposure that this brings and that for sites with a sleep in provision where life safety is risk critical, is it not time that the life safety program included some serious attention to the issues within BS 62305 to ensure that the “risk” really is correctly assessed and that Lighting/Surge Protection is included to cover all Life Safety and Business specific risks.

Like most things insurance related its likely your provider may pay for this once but then look at why it was not included as part of the overall electrical program, the cost to a business in lost work time, consequential interruption and lost income is likely to be significant, on a Life Critical site the costs will most certainly be more and possibly commercially and litigiously far, far more damaging to all concerned.