Simultaneous Fire Evacuation Systems

Systems for simultaneous evacuation – residential high rise with a stay put policy

Within the new requirements for stay-put sites the NFCC requirements for buildings of this type call for a different type of fire alarm and evacuation program.

To meet the requirements and thus satisfy the FRS and likely the insurance provider and other interested parties the following issues need to have been addressed and form part of the fire risk assessment and the evacuation plan for the building.

  1. The building does not have a concierge or on site management
  2. The building does not have a Part 1 fire alarm system
  3. The building does have test evidence for the fire doors into the residence areas
  4. The site has a plan for the third party services – lifts, HVAC etc separate to the BS8629 controls
  5. The site has a plan for any residents with special needs outside of BS 8629

The expectations for the BS 8629/BAFE SP207 program is to fully remove the issues of false/spurious alarms so that only when a confirmed fire situation is ongoing will the brigade both attend and initiate the alarm to simultaneously evacuate the building.

The system MUST be wired in enhanced FP200 fire rated 120 cable and have a battery reserve for 72hrs.

It will apply to all residential blocks without on site management above 11m.

The panel can only provide fault monitoring – loss of localised mains supply and interface with specialist disability provision such as deaf alert or pager systems.

Where there are residents within the building that require additional support in a fire condition i.e. if they are deaf or otherwise hearing impaired then secondary measures may be required, EN54 Part 23 and potentially Scope pager/vibrating pillow units but these will need to be run with separate controls.

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