Refuge & Disability Systems

Under the terms of the 2010 disability and equalities act, and BS 5839 Part 9/BS8300 there are prerequisites for the support and aid of those both with special needs and those who as a result of a fire may be in distress and in need of assistance to help them either safely exit the building or have others come to their aid if they are isolated and unable to raise assistance.

With the implementation of specific design criteria for the infirm or those with other special needs issues all high rise buildings with public access should have Refuge systems fitted as standards, as well as issues related to WC alarms and PDA loops for those with hearing impairments.

These issues are not just for those with mobility problems, and will include for example, persons with colour blindness, with photosensitive epilepsy and vertigo.

Disability issues also migrate over into escape lighting where high risk or special needs areas will require higher lux levels to facilitate exit or escape as it is now recognised that persons in distress and those with some special needs do take longer to both react to and identify evacuation issues.

Veritas is a supporter of Vox Ignis for its Refuge and Disability systems

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Typical heights for call points for wheel chair users (PDF 1.3Mb)

Phased Array Hearing Loop Video

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