Lease funding for project installations and/or FRA remedial works in the UK and Republic of Ireland

The option of leasing provides the customer with many benefits, below are the main benefits of leasing from the customers point of view.

There is no large capital outlay so you can choose the system you need rather than the system you can afford. Often you can put off purchasing better equipment because of the initial price tag. By leasing the equipment, you can get the optimum equipment at a more manageable rate.

Fixed costs mean easier budgeting and this also frees credit facilities for use in other parts of your business. You can be sure that what are quoted is what you will pay.

If, say technology or your needs change you can upgrade the system within the lease period. We will just amend the agreement to incorporate the new equipment.

  • With no capital outlay, choose the system you need, rather than the system you can afford.
  • Fixed repayments mean easier budgeting.
  • All systems are fully tax deductible.
  • If technology or your needs change, you can upgrade the system at any time.
  • All rentals are + VAT (recoverable) and subject to status


Veritas is an introducer of Security and Fire Leasing.

Please contact David Musk at Security and Fire Leasing at or call 07811350386 to discuss any fire asset funding options or visit their website for more details.