Fire Risk Assessment

A mandatory requirement for a business with more than 5 paid or volunteer staff.

Covid 19 and FRA Requirements

Current movement issues and restrictions on site access are affecting everyone at this time, however, it must be understood that the requirements of the fire safety order and the need for ongoing risk assessment programs have not stopped, if therefore your site is due for a new FRA or an existing site that is due a return visit and review these works must still be undertaken.

Insurance issues notwithstanding, in the event of a fire or an issue with HSE/FRS you will still need to have dealt with all of the issues from a previous FRA and its action plan to ensure that both your insurance cover and your relationship with the enforcement authorities is not compromised.

Veritas is ready and able to help you, subject to upgraded RAMS procedures to ensure everyone is safe and protected as much as is practicable.

Please therefore get in touch in the event we can help

Steve Dilloway GiFireE & MIFSM.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment (FRA) is mandatory requirement for all commercial business sites where more than 5 paid or volunteer staff either undertake work activities within the site or where risks are considered sufficient to undertake an assessment where a lower number of staff are engaged, also on sites where the site has a sleep in capacity: dormitories, hotels, hospitals and the like.

The purposes of the assessment is to identify any deficiencies within the life safety provision within the building and to help the client make appreciations of the corrective works that may be required to ensure both adequate levels of safety and, where required, compliance to the relevant British Standards.

The fire risk assessment must be undertaken by someone who is considered competent and under the 2005 fire safety order the building owner/management are required to assess the suitability of the assessor and incumbent contractor on the basis of their expertise and skills NOT cost – it is not recommended that the client undertakes their own assessment.

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The fire safety order or regulatory reform order makes a mandatory requirement for an assessment and an annual review (and in between the 12 months if the structure is changed or occupancy or use changes) the recommendations within the fire industry (BAFE) is that your choice of assessor should be made from the list of third party accredited and peer reviewed assessors who have been vetted to a high standard and are deemed competent to give the correct levels of guidance and information so that in the event of a fire persons can be safely evacuated from the building.

Why choose Veritas Fire Support for your FRA?

Steve Dilloway of Veritas is a BAFE certified assessor – also a Tier 3 IFSM registered assessor, a member of the FIA and sits on the FIA risk assessment council, and a background of over 20 years in life safety, preceded by 10 years as a commercial insurance broker.

Steve Dilloway GIFireE, the business owner, is also a Graduate member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

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Fire Risk Assessment Support Package

Veritas Fire Support is pleased to announce the launch of an alternative to a fixed annual sum for fire risk assessment support Veritas is offering a package of support measures to sedentary sites where there may be a need for additional work to cover liaison meetings with contractors, residents or tenants, BCO or brigade, insurance etc.From just £100pm. T&Cs apply.

Guidance for the Nominated Accountable Person – formally the RP

Understanding the circle of events in respect of risk appreciation and assessment for the Nominated Accountable Person (N.A.P) previously the Responsible Person or RP.

Moving outside of the circle can be both dangerous and costly in both commercial and financially terms and appreciating the requirements of both the 2006 RRO and 2022 FSB are crucial to both engagement with the right people and knowing what to do with the information provided.

In all cases the best advice and guidance is ONLY to use UKAS third party certified providers.

the circle of events in respect of risk appreciation and assessment for the Nominated Accountable Person (N.A.P) previously the Responsible Person or RP

Changes to the requirements and responsibilities of the RP

As part of the Gateway or Golden Thread elements for a new project the RIBA program gives guidance as to the flow of the information and what is required at each stage to ensure the project is delivered as per the original design sign off without changes or any value engineering elements having changed what was agreed and subject to instruction.

RIBA 5 Stage Process – Plan of Works (PDF)

RIBA 5 Stage Process
nimbus fire mate Remote Fire Systems Monitoring
Nimbus – Remote Fire Systems Monitoring

Cloud based asset management and storage for all of the buildings fire and life safety provision and an E logbook to allow both client and incumbent contractor to both validate what is being invoiced for and know what else is still to be done, and, in some cases to know what it wasn’t possible to test due to access or other issues.

Using a Cloud based platform is the future of asset storage, infinite capacity and no loss of data thus removing the need for both on site hard drives and old school paperwork which can be lost, destroyed or misplaced, thus when information is required for the fire brigade, insurance assessment or FRA review it is at hand, up to date and available to everyone that needs it.
Nimbus cloud-based fire alarm management technology allows you to fully control your entire fire/life safety portfolio, regardless of fire alarm type or manufacturer and communicates all activity to a cloud-hosted database where authorised users can access information at any time via any desktop or mobile internet connection.

Covering fire alarm systems, escape lighting, portable extinguishers, fire doors and other fire and life safety elements gives the client complete control and the incumbent a transparent platform against which works can be invoiced.

An innovative fire alarm management system that provides you with control and monitoring wherever you are. All activity is communicated to a cloud hosted database which can be easily accessed through any desktop or mobile internet connection.

Cost effective and future proof Nimbus is the future of asset protection and service validation for both the client and the incumbent.

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