Fire Doors & Passive Fire Protection

A full program of passive fire protection in accordance with BS 476 is available covering fire door provision including frames and ironmongery, fire door assessments post installation and  passive fire stopping.


Covered with BS 476 there are considerations for buildings where fire segregation and separation are required either under BS 9999 or a client issue following a fire risk assessment.

Fire Doors, Frames and Ironmongery should be seen as a set, these need to be installed in accordance with one of the Q mark programs for independent verification – either Exova BM Trada or Gerda are those with whom Veritas has a working relationship.

Only by following the Q mark program can the door design be fully compliant with BS 476 and thus appease the insurance provider and building officer.

Passive Fire Protection – or Fire Stopping likewise is covered by areas of BS 476 and is essential to ensure that areas where there is a likely spread of smoke or fire, smoke or flames can be blocked and/or controlled.

The use of fire retardant materials in all these areas is essential, the use of general building materials, foams and packing is not as it will burn or melt and allow the spread of smoke and fire through into other areas of the building.

The passive requirements are also covered under the Q Mark program from Gerda and BM Trada.


Additional Reading

To find out more about Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection download any of the documents below:

Fire Doors – Veritas Bulletin Dec 2020 (PDF)

Veritas Bulletin – February 2020 (PDF)

Government and high rise buildings (PDF 1.2Mb)

ASDMA Fire Doors – Appendix B (PDF 696k)

BM TRADA Use of Beech Doors (PDF 252k)

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