Emergency lighting Lux testing

Emergency lighting provision requirements under BS 5266-2018 make a specific requirement for the delivery of minimum requirements of emergency escape and anti-panic lighting within the building.

These need to be specific to the building and the business activities as well as taking into account the special needs issues covered in 4 above, this may require liaison with your HR department to make applications of existing and new staffing requirements.

To ensure that this is done correctly there need to be 2 specific levels of support:

  1. from your site CAD drawings to be able to take photometric data calculations of the building the assess the lighting requirements and
  2. a full site Lux test to be undertaken out of hours and with the local supply temporarily disconnected to allow for the use of a calibrated lux meter to assess fully the levels of light available and required.

Veritas can provide this service to ensure that the emergency provision required is fully taken into account based on your needs.

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