Emergency Lighting & Directional Signage

A mandatory requirement in commercial buildings within both building regulations and British Standards and their ongoing performance and compliance under BS 5266 and BS 5499.


Responsibility for these systems falls within the requirements of a risk assessment and that of the Duty Holder to make arrangements for their testing and upkeep. High Risk sites, sites with identified special needs areas, sites with sleep in risks may require more specific fittings to give both increased lux levels and, enhanced performance.

Emergency systems come in 3 basic types:

  • Stand Alone
  • Central Battery
  • Self Test.

The buildings use and operational issues will in the main dictate what is used and how it operates.

Differing “Lux levels” (the performance of the fitting in emergency mode) are required in differing environments – this again should be driven by your risk assessment and will in some cases require a full site lux test when the building is dark and the mains supply withdrawn, only then will you fully assess the emergency lighting required to both meet the standards and the specific issues of your building.

Emergency Lighting surveys form part of the services provided by Veritas with UK produced fittings via proprietary manufacturers.

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