Veritas has developed relationships and associations with others within the Life Safety community.

BAFE Fire Safety Register - Fire Risk Assessment Provider (SP205)Fire Risk Assessments with full third party certification and peer view to confirm and underpin competence and expertise.

When considering your assessment partner/provider there should be due consideration of both competence and background, cost should play no part in the decision making process.

Being a BAFE accredited assessor gives you the customer confidence in both my capabilities and my bona-fides.

BAFE accredited risk assessments allow for full third party audit and validation to give the client the confidence that they are getting the very best advice and that their auditor is annually inspected to ensure both their performance and their works meet the very highest standards. Read more about the importance of being a BAFE Registered Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) provider >

IFE IFSM & FIA logosAffiliations with the ECA, accredited with the Institute of Fire Engineers (GiFire), the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and the Fire Industry Association.

ECA logoWorks with the ECA include training workshops for contractors and project support with product from their support partners.

Supporting various insurance brokers Veritas is able to provide both assessment and design guidance for specific business activities and a critique of other assessments to ensure they deliver both compliance and customer needs.

Enterprise Security Distribution logoProduct Supply Chain for contractors will come via Enterprise Security Distribution and will be available throughout the UK.